Chenille presents with her HEART
   ("Once you've heard her, you will never be the same!")
Chenille has a powerful 4 1/2 octave range that soars through all genres including Inspirational favorites, Broadway, Country, Gospel, Opera, Patriotic tunes and more. 

"She is a delightsome person on and off stage with brilliance in her powerful, captivating voice and an entrancing way about her on stage." 
  -Susan Browning

She is known for her interactive programs sharing personal stories that touch the very soul and then secures the principle with a song. She is gifted in ways that can't be explained but that you have to see to understand. 

It's as if she understands what the individuals in the audience need and as she goes along customizes the program seemlessly so she and the audience become one and go on a journey together. She will definitely leave you wanting more... ​

​"Chenille brought her daughter with her to Curtis Creek and they performed God Bless the USA together, brought tears to many eyes... the residents loved that!! 
We are excited to get to see her again..."  
​ -Missy Runser Holiday Retirement Communities

If you are lucky she may have her family with her and have the children perform as well as they are incredibly talented with singing, ballroom dancing, playing the mandolin, as well as interacting and talking with residents. 

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(217) 357-6683 Chenille is known in retirement communities all over the United States for her unforgettable presentations. She's also your North American CMA International Female Vocalist of the Year and two time Female Entertainer of the Year.

Unlike most singers, Chenilles is a performer, entertainer, speaker, and inspiration. She is the full package and customizes to your theme or event. 


Some Themes Chenille Speaks on:
                                            ~ What is your Legacy?
                                            ~ Thank you for the Music
                                            ~ God Bless America- A Patriotic Tribute
                                            ~ How to connect with your grandchildren

Singing your Favorite Genres:
To hear a clip or two click here

                                                       • Gospel 
                                                       • Patriotic
                                                       • Opera
                                                       • Country
                                                       • Musical Theater
                                                       • Inspirational Favorites

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"I would be happy to speak to you about your event so I can effectively
customize a program to meet your needs and desired outcomes. I look 
forward to chatting with you!" 

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"Not your everyday Presenter!"