"Not your everyday Presenter!"

Taking her talent to the next level, Chenille takes improv and singing to the corporate world! Designing & Delivering Memorable & Effective Programs by applying techniques from the stage to your meeting in a VERY interactive way! Your group will be begging to have Chenille back again!

Team Building and Collaboration: 
        Transform a group of individuals into a team with mojo,   
        trust, and the skills to connection and flow.

Innovation and Design Thinking: 
        Create a culture where it’s safe for people to take risks 
        and watch creativity flourish!

        Lead in a way that colleagues feel valued, heard, inspired, and empowered.

Presentation Skills: 
        Experience being a relaxed, connective, and focused presenter 
        (individually and in teams) even in high-stakes situations.

Customer Service: 
        "Find the Yes" and enjoy sustainably responsive interactions with clients.

Chenille makes programs highly participatory, focused, fun, and designed to make 
lasting changes in your organization.

Sessions are typically two hours, half day, whole day, or multiple half days. Custom designed for your company’s needs. Warming up with simple, fun improv exercises followed by focused power point debriefs, participants practice the transformative skills embedded in improv through "GAME-play" and scenarios, people get meaningful practice in applying their new choices at work.

Some of the applied skills are:
Listening, not arguing in order to receive and build ("Yes, And")
Focusing on the larger goal ("Picture Frame")
Supporting others ("What are you doing...")
Welcoming new ideas and different points of view ("Lines")
Communicating as equals ("Translation")
Taking a breath sometimes we just need to breathe ("Taking a Breath")

The session concludes with groups working on doable, inspiring practices to use at work. 

I would be happy to speak to you about your event so I can effectively
customize my Master package to your needs and desired outcomes. -Chenille

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