I recently graduated from SUU with my bachelors and am working on my MIS, Masters program and will be graduating April of next year 2022.

I know, the MIS isn’t very familiar to many. It hasn’t been around for very long. In fact they created it for people like you and me. 

The MIS is Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies. In this degree program you get to pick 3 disciplines to focus on. My disciplines are Arts Administration, Non-Profit Management and Leadership. As you may know, I’ve owned 2 performing Arts Schools, have an annual national performing arts boot camp held in Branson, Missouri and I perform professionally. You can tell that my 3 disciplines pertain to my certain niche but also to my very concentrated career path I’m already following. That’s the beauty of this program, you can niche down so it’s more benefitial to you and what you are pursuing.

I had planned on going to get my Master’s degree in communication but when I saw the classes, most of them didn’t pertain to the path I was wanting to go. Just getting a paper that said I have. Master’s was not enough for me. I was looking for knowledge, knowledge that fits me full circle. I checked it off as a waste of time and money. When Melanie offered this program to me, I became excited and reenergized knowing that I could get more for my money, my time in being able to design my own Master’s Degree, getting more focused on what I need and want. 

The degree program offers classes from nearly every bachelor program offered at SUU. It’s a specialty program that you get to design just for you. I want to shout it from the roof tops that this program is for YOU! 


 I’m an international singer and performer. I was the 2017 & 2018 International Vocalist of the Year AND 2017 & 2018 International Female Entertainer of the Year. I currently live in Cedar City Utah with my sweet husband and 4 beautifully talented children. 

I am an award-winning recording artist with two published CD’s, and a new CD in progress with original songs. I have toured Europe, China, Mexico and all over the United States, including a tour with renowned concert pianist Marvin Goldstein.  

I am passionate about youth and entrepreneurship. As such, I am the Founder of Center Stage Music & Performing Art Schools. I have enjoyed cultivating hundreds of students of all ages with opportunities to perform, travel the U.S., gain new experiences, study, and become passionate about the arts with numerous students on America's Got Talent, The Voice, The X-Factor and American Idol with several students signing professional contracts.

I was recently invited to present in Georgia for The Gospel Fest where I won the Crimson Music Award for Inspirational Gospel Female Vocalist of the Year. 

I have a 4 1/2 octave range which makes it easy to dip into many genres including Country, Gospel, Patriotic, Musical Theater, Opera & Inspirational Favorites. 

I am known to say, “I love making a difference in the lives of others while they make a difference in mine!”

When I am not out transforming society through music, I can be found gallivanting through mountains, dancing in the living room, and chasing my four amazing children. 



My personal mission is to keep a good balance of culture, adventure, business, passion, music, the arts, travel, learning, and laughing. 

I continue to be an incredible mother of my 4 beautifully talented children, while creating memories and engaging in every moment we have together. 

I cherish depth, faith, open communication, intuitiveness, intelligence, and progression for myself and others.